Scion: The Unraveling of Fate

The shadow thief

[Short Summary – Group regrouped… shared information, Mark noticed ill omens from crows and spoke one figuring out Lady of Knives sent them to watch along with watching other places but they did not know where she was. Warned Bo and suggested taking or hiding artifact but the group agreed it was secure there.

Ashley went on his date as others went back to the mark and Kiana keeping lookout from outside and (Justin) made the front desk personal confused and question his sexuality as (taylor) snuck in the back and checked to see if Richard missed anything from the bodies. Richard and (Caleb) … did something? Cross was being stolen, everyone ran back… followed up, moon talk, light, fight ninja, ninja clones… ninja got away… will fill out details later=

[XP gained 10]


ZulAsher Lyaris

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