Scion: The Unraveling of Fate

The Gathering

It begins...

The strings of fate wouldn’t leave those of legend, mortal or more alone for long. A group of mostly unknown heroes were drawn to the city of New Orleans for a celebration. Though each came for different reasons they were all invited to be guests at a hotel during there stay by an unknown benefactor.
This wasn’t unheard o for some of them but others wondered why they were being called. For myself i was lead here by prophecy as i often am. The tribes of the north and the issue of the spirits have been resolved for now, the rest would be left to the people and perhaps others stronger then myself. For now the corruption was sealed away… but that’s another story.
Upon reaching the city i acquired a few extra clothes to fit in… the tides of magic and fate were twisting and for a time being i would be human again until magic and fate righted itself. The city was filled with people celebrating the season of mardi gras though it was different from what i have heard. The mists of the Gods were no longer concealing the supernatural and mortals could see magic as easily as the person using it. Some places celebrated it, some despised it and others were unsure. It would be up to the heroes to show the world they are different then the titan spawn that they fight in more ways then title alone.
I’m not sure of that myself… I have meet horrible scions causing more harm then good before the mists fell.,. Though prophecy and my own feelings telling me this meeting will be different though for better or worse we will see.
The day went by and turned into night. It would be the first Mardi Gras since the disbursement of the mists and the worlds eyes would be upon the supernatural world and as fate would have it we were called to go on a tour and as legend calls to legend i could smell there the divine upon the group as we introduced ourselves.
An androgynous man named Ashley of the Dodekatheon, A scruffy but handsome man named Richard of the Pesedjet, a mid-thirties athletic man named Sean of the Tuatha and a beautiful Hawaiian woman named named Kiana who smelted unfamiliar and not of the major pantheons though i suspect a scion of the Hawaiian Gods and found myself trying to recall there myths.
There was another scion there with us that smelted of the Tuatha but fate seems to have kept him from this unfolding plot for now so perhaps he should be forgotten.
We went along with the tour, it was interesting and very informational filled with myths and stories of the local. We were heading through a bad part of town when are guide mysteriously vanished into the shadows. She was not a being of legend so it was a bit odd and as we looked around we saw a gang of locals approaching us.
The inquired what we were doing here puffing themselves up trying to be threatening as possible. Are numbers were equal and they did not smell of ichor but what mortals and fate can easily bring down a hero or a titan spawn so the group parleyed as i watched the the course of action. I was pleased with the way it was handled and Kiana referred her friend who guided her and that we were waiting for someone and as they finished up the shadows swelled up and the smell of death whispered in the ear.
Another Scion masked in shadows who called himself The Baron. The gang feared him and though the group made a few wisecracks at the gang The Barons’s guards quickly stepped between the two and the gang left.
Following The Baron we found ourselves in his club filled with drugs and then into his private room. I could see the shades of voodoo priestesses within the room with him and they brought us refreshments that the group happily drunk besides myself. It is there we learned of the cross and how he had one piece of it and wanted us to find the other so he may use it to defend the scions of New Orleans from the church of the one.
This was obviously a test though someone asked why and he truthfully answered and gave us until sunrise. In return he would offer us a favor of similar difficulty and though no one could think of what a favor can be a powerful thing so they agreed.
He left us in his room as he returned to his club and as the others discussed for a moment i looked around the room though i didn’t want to disturb his things a testament to his nature before handing him a powerful relic would be wise. Though he was a crime lord also i discovered his father was very dear and that the voodoo priestesses in the room tried did there bests to guide him though they did not know the crosses current location they were there when the cross was split up. He seemed to balance his spiritual nature well with his mortal occupation in a way that Baron Samdi would so himself.
It was a powerful relic for harmony and they were afraid of it falling in the wrong hands so it was split in two. I thought on the city and where the cross may be. I had a few inclinations myself as we left the club and decided where to start first we were approached by a young pretty woman fairly obvious a woman of the streets and proud of it.
So the group decided to split up into teams each to research different avenues. I would go with Sean who was intent of researching the library though later we decided to make our way down to an abandoned catholic church as the others went to talk to the second player of the town… Hrm, i suspect there may be a few more players in town then just two but the real question was who wanted what and which one would this group decide to go with… Perhaps i should take a more active role in there choices but then I could not see who truly the others were if i did so then would i learn if i should be with this group not, or is the last group my own failing for not steering being able to push them in a better direction?

[Josh, Josh 2, Aj, Kyle, Caleb, Taylor – 10 xP gained]


ZulAsher Lyaris

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