Scion: The Unraveling of Fate

Unhallowed Ground

Mark and Sean walked carefully through the run down part of the city heading to an old catholic church. The ghosts were alive in the streets dancing and partying just like the living counterparts and Mark gracefully moved to the side for them as they walked through Sean who was unaware of all that surrounded him. As they approached the run down church a chill filled the air and the sense of death became heavy as cries echoed on the edge of Mark’s consciousness coming from the church.

It had a gravity of death around it and he caught a glimpse of a ghost being force-ably pulled inside as they approached. The two looked around as Mark told Sean what he saw. The sense of corruption filled the air the two knew that it would be unwise to enter without the others but this was the place they were looking for. Inside would be the Barons Cross, the relic that they were tasked to retrieve.
Mark called to the Ravens on the steeple and spoke with them as Sean stared watching and gently stroking his companion a falcon as Mark spoke to the Ravens. He bribed them down with seed and spoke to them of the church but one wearily stayed on the steeple as he watched his two companions eat the seeds a bit before coming down the join him. Corbett was his name and though he may have been smaller and younger then the other two a cautious wisdom filled his eyes and Mark asked him to look inside the church and tell him what he could see.
He refused at first and so did the other two and though Mark offered them more food in return he knew what he asked could be dangerous but they were wise creatures and Corbett the cautious one would been the best of the three to look and so Mark pleaded with the Raven and stirred the nature of the creature who then set out looking inside.
It was meer moments as Mark carefully watched the church listening for any hint of danger threatening them or Corbett. With a loud rook Corbett flew out top speed from the church breathing heavily he told Mark of danger within and both Sean and Mark offered the three Ravens more food.
It was this time that the others showed up having taken a taxi as close as possible to the church. They shared the information gathered. Kiana, Ashley and Richard told them of Angelique and how she desired the cross to seal it and hopefully cleanse it of corruption and she feared Beau may be the bokar though this didnt sound right. THe voodoo priestess wouldn’t aid a bokar, he would have been ostracized by his divine heritage, the loa. Though it would not have been the first crazy scion causing disharmony was greatly punished and would corrupt them. Mark warned the group of the shades within the church and warned them he did not have the power to fight the shades directly were Richard mentioned swiping salt from the Baron that he could use.
Though the dead could be affected by such things Mark told them that he would be going to the church graveyard instead and requested assistance knowing that in his search for indirect help something may try to stop him. The others persisted in entering the church though as mark sighed wishing them well but thinking of them foolish as he walked through the graveyard with Kiana and Caleb.
He found the graves he was seeking, the dead founders and priests of the church and though there graves were long worn down he began to clean the graves and set up burning sage and began to pray to the spirits as the others two stood guard.
He called upon the ichor and virtue running through his blood and he could feel a slight pull from below him as the purity of the uncorrupted dead reached up to in response to the call and as he focused his thoughts and prayers he could feel the corruption behind him swirling and growing in power as the unquieted dead risen to stop him. He placed his sword ritualistically over the burning sage and lay it on the ground as he sat on the earth.
Caleb stepped back toward Mark as Kiana ran forward with a powerful punch using shark teeth knuckles bashing the zombies as Caleb floated into the air and began shooting them with a bow an arrow.
The noise seemed to drift inside the church as a few moments later Richard ran out guns drawn the sound ripped through the air as he brought the dead down with bullets and deadly aim. Feeling the strength of the priests gathering but the dead about the reach him Mark raised to his feet resting his foot right below the hilt ready to dance around the graves if needed.
They did not reach him as more shoots rang through the air and hard thuds punched through the rotten flesh the priests power was gathered and with a wave of spiritual energy the remaining dead crumbled to dust. The priests looked around seeing the corruption of the church sadness filled them but hope stirred within them Mark reached outward and grabbed a censor burning with cleansing smoke. He thanked the spirits and carefully made his way through the church prayers echoing from his lips. Though no one else could see the censor they could see and feel the cleansing smoke that emitted from and the the group slowly approached the church.
The church was cleansed and Ashley and Sean was found inside. Both bruised by the shades they barely escaped beneath the crawl space under the church though Sean Falcon was seriously hurt his flesh rend by shadowy claws. Mark was glad the two were ok but questioned Richard leaving the two behind when only he had something that could protect the two, his rush into another fight could have caused the death of the two left behind, but thankfully that was not the case. As he reached the alter he finished his prayers wafting it over the burning black candles that emitted the corruption Kiana was able to call upon her Ichor becoming immune to there flames and igniting them melting the magic of the candles away.
Ashley a clever trained thief told everyone of the sigil below and Richard investigated and with the destruction of the candles the sigil was weakened and Ashley easily found the hidden compartment on the alter pulling out the Barons cross it vanishing in her arms guarded by shadows and illusion so others could not see.

[Josh, Josh 2, Taylor, AJ, Kyle, Caleb – 7 Xp Earned]


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