New Orleans

What the Band knows so far is that this domain is that it is, in fact, controlled by Scions. The domain is compromised of the city, itself, and stretch out to the local communities and further into the bayou. The area seems to be comprised of a few different sects of the Voodoun and the Scions of the Loa. Most of the city’s population seems to be at peace with each other, but one can get the sense that there is trouble brewing beneath the surface. Allies are beginning to question each others motives and rumors are abound of a Bokor coming to town, disrupting the harmony of the domain.

Believing that all Scions should be treated with equality and have a safe haven has been the last thing to keep the peace amongst the Scions that control the region. There doesn’t seem to be a direct head that governs this area, from a Scion standpoint. The mayor is mortal and maintains neutrality amongst the Scions, but insists he is a friend of all of them.

There have been a few Scions who would be classified as refugees, escaping from other local areas as the South is known to not be exceedingly friendly to those of divine heritage (as it goes against their own beliefs). This domain was not made without some difficulty but having a mortal mayor and a police force that has been equipped to handle the mythic and strange certainly helps. Scions are heavily encouraged to play nice and be politically correct to help sway the surrounding regions to be more open to Scions, in general, so fighting in the streets will not be tolerated.

We now find the Band during the first real Mardi Gras after supernatuals have been outed to the world and the nation’s eyes are now turned to see how each group conducts themselves.

New Orleans

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