Beau "The Baron" La Roux

Scion of Baron Samedi


Not much is known about Beau currently. He’s known to be a local power to New Orleans with powerful connections. He seems to be someone who runs the night club scene in the popular portions of New Orleans, leading with his primary club “Baron’s”. He’s a common name among town, more infamous than famous when it comes to the Voodoun locals. He seems to have a few followers that are outwardly seen, but it’s not known how many are part of his sect.

He seems to be powerful in both Death and Darkness, but not much else is known about his capabilities other than a fast talker and an impeccable charmer. Oh, and his Ghede. The Ghede are his personal bodyguards that seem to be around at almost all times. Luckily for him, they don’t need rest.

He is currently rumored to be a bokor by some of the other sects of the Voodoun within the city. Even his sometimes lover and rival, Angelique, is worried about his intentions. It seems there is a game at play amongst some of the stronger Scion’s within the area and the Band is caught right in the middle of it. What the Band does know of the Baron is that for every question answered, there are likely more spawned from it.


Beau "The Baron" La Roux

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