Angelique Bonet

Scion of Erzulie


Angelique is another popular name on people’s lips in New Orleans. She is stunning to watch and stunning to listen to when she sings. She is yet another player within the city and one can fathom the connections she has as primary courtesan of the city. It seems most, if not all, of the escorts are connected to her somehow, which likely came with difficulty leading one to wonder exactly how influential is she. She is known to be one of the priestesses of her own sect of the Voodoun of the city, however, not much is clearly known of her capabilities outside of an amazing voice, a beautiful form, and a great lay.

She has expressed quiet concern for her sometimes lover and rival, Beau. She has heard many of the rumors concerning him being a Bokor and fears that they may, in fact, be true. While Voodoo is about balance, the Bokor is one who is set to throw off that balance and cause needless destruction for personal gain.

She has openly expressed being one of the players behind the scenes in New Orleans to some of the Band. She realizes that her request has put them in an awkward situation but she feels that the Baron’s Cross will be better suited in her hands to prevent Beau from assuming absolute control over the domain.


Angelique Bonet

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