Scion: The Unraveling of Fate

Gathering Threads

The group began the investigation short handed only having Richard, Mark, Ashley and Kiana. Ashley was tasked with retrieving files from the police and went to hack the files from the computer security system however his wounds were to much and he was forced out of the system thankfully having a proxy in place to prevent it being traced back to the nearby hotel.

Though Ashley was unable to obtain the documents Richard already procured them the night before making everyone wonder his motive of asking Ashley to try to do it as he continues recovering from severe wounds that would put a mortal in a hospital.

Using the police reports the found the locations of the previous murder victims and they decided they would head back to the scene an investigate it. With a lot of searching they little information little information and the group decided to split up. Kiana and Richard headed to the morgue and Ashley headed to the bars with Mark following him.

Ashley spoke to a beautiful bartender and made a dinner date with her to discuss what she remembered the night of the murder. Mark noted that her beauty the way she carried herself marked her as a scion and the two left.

As Ashley spoke to the bartender Kiana distracted the front desk personal at the morgue as Richard covered his face in shadows and sneaked his way into the back room. His lack of medical training showed but he did manage to find out about different organs being taken and swiped a copy of the medical records. Kiana exchanged numbers with the front desk personal and said she would call as she left after Richard sneaked back out.

Though little information they did have a few leads to start thinking about as they waited for the others to see if they could assist in the investigation.

[Xp 6 gained]


ZulAsher Lyaris

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